Bunions – How to help yourself

Bunions, not a great name but many of us have various stages of their development.  Many people believe these occur when we wear inappropriate footwear or are hereditary. Both these opinions are correct, to a certain degree but not always the sole cause.

Feet can become weak when we wear shoes all day and if you look at a general shoe shape you will note most will taper at the toe box, cramming our toes together.  Over time soft tissues will confirm to this shape and hey presto we have the start of a bunion.  It is obviously not just this, other factors come into play including our mechanics (how we move) and our general health.

However we can help ourselves and here are a few options we can all adopt to keep our feet strong and aid in good foot health for now and the future.

  •  Barefoot walking – if you have no underlying medical condition which stops you from walking barefoot then throw your shoes off and get your feet on show (or with socks on, toe socks preferably).   Give your feet a chance to work with out any support. Make sure your socks are not too tight or try toe socks.  Barefoot footwear is another option and worth a google but I am not going to go into that in too much detail here today (another blog)
  • Strengthen Abductor Hallucis muscle – the image below shows where this muscle lies.  By activating this muscle we are able to support the big toe joint better and perhaps aid in better use of this muscle when walking.
  • Exercises to strengthen this muscle can be forwarded in a separate email so please drop me a line and I can get this across to you     fitfeettonbridge@gmail.com

Hope you found this information of some assistance and please do make an appointment with your podiatrist to check if your bunion is only soft tissue changes or perhaps some bony changes too which will require further advice and onward referral.