nail surgery – a solution

Nail Surgery is a solution to your current pain and the answer to getting you back to your sport or into your shoes comfortably.

What will happen on the day? We will aim to make you feel comfortable whilst we run through some paperwork. Two injections will need to be administered per toe that we are working on. This will stop you feeling pain while we remove your nail. The process actually only takes 10 minutes max. We do use a tourniquet whilst removing your nail. On removal we then apply a rather large dressing which we ask you to keep on and dry and insitu for 24-48 hours. We will then review you in clinic again to remove this dressing and show you how to self care with daily dressing changes.

Are the injections painful? Honestly, yes they are uncomfortable however we aim to work with you and allow you to lie down, sit up, watch/not watch, hold our hand, and receive a biscuit and drink after – it is worth the outcome, we promise. This process takes a few minutes.

Will there be much bleeding? Initially there can be a fair amount, and that is why you go home with a larger bandage for for the first 24-48 hours. When you are doing your own dressing changes you will expect a small amount of bleeding/discharge.

Will I be able to put my shoes on and get back to normal? We ask you to bring a slider or open toed shoe to wear home. After the initial dressing change you can get back to wearing sensible shoes! Deep/large toe box – nothing tight

What will my toe look like after?

The top picture shows a partial nail avulsion of one side – i.e. one side has been removed. Once healed it will not look any different other than perhaps narrower. If we have to remove the full nail then the skin heals over and you are left with a healthy nail bed. Some ladies like to pain the area in the summer time and from a distance does not look different.

Will my nail grow back?

In most instances we use PHENOL which cauterises your nail bed and destroys the cells that regenerate nail. The reason we do this is stop reoccurrence of the problem and more often we find that if we leave the nail to grow back it simply develops the same issues and you are back to square one. However this is not always the case and we will discuss this option with you.

Will I feel anything during the procedure? Once you have had your local anaesthesia we will check the area for sensation before starting. You will not feel pain however you can still feel pressure and movement. We will always listen to you and be guided by your concerns. But no you will not be in any pain.

How long will I need to rest? Initially post procedure we ask you to return home and rest with your foot up. Over the next 24-48 hours you should refrain from wearing an enclosed shoe and avoid any contact to the area. You cannot drive home from this procedure and ask you to bring a friend/relative for assistance and some moral support (and a taxi lift home).

How soon can I get back to my sport? After the initial dressing change (48 hours post surgery) we advise to refrain from any contact sports for a further two weeks. Wearing an open or deep toe box shoe will allow quicker healing and resolution to the process.

What does the package include?

We offer a package of treatment which includes the procedure, two follow up appointments and enough dressings for 14 days. We try and get you into our clinic for this procedure within 7 days of you attending your first appointment where we will discuss the options available to you to solve your current toenail issue.

We only remove toe nails if it is absolutely necessary and will guide you through other options if they are available.

Can I get this done on the NHS?

Yes this procedure is available on the NHS and we can write to your GP, after your initial assessment to request this referral. Wait times are variable and you will not be able to know the environment or staff prior to your treatment day. This is something we pride ourselves on, creating a warm welcoming environment that will ultimately make your experience easier and you will leave with a smile on your face.