Diabetic Foot Health: Prevention is peace of mind

Diabetics can be prone to foot complications however they are all preventable. How, well you need to follow some simple advice and get to know your feet.

Many diabetic patients of mine are perhaps unaware that it is not just type I diabetics that may develop complications. All diabetics whether your Type I or Type II or borderline, your all at risk.

Number one! Look after your sugar levels. If you can keep your sugar levels low and stable your half way to avoiding any diabetic foot complications. However I know for some this is very hard and impossible in many cases.

By keeping your sugar out of your blood stream you will not damage your arteries and nerves. The two areas which need our consideration in foot health.


Taking a pulse on someone's foot

You have three pulses we can check in your feet and usually we use a doppler (small machine) so you and we can hear the clarity and regularity of your pulses. This tells us as clinicians an awful lot about your foot health. Takes two minutes and is painless.

Sometimes we will carry out an additional test called ABPI. This is similar to having your blood pressure checked only this time we test your arm and your leg.


A balloon poised above a sharp tackYour feet are highly sensitive devices and pain is a great response for us to avoid damaging our skin. However this sensation can be lost or diminished and therefore damage may occur and your not aware. Therefore we check sharp and blunt appreciation so you can be aware of any changes which may be happening. If you know you have lost some sensation you must be careful and check your feet daily as your feet are not going to tell you they are sore and need attention. Simple but so so so important to have checked atleast annually.

Get to know your local podiatrist so if you do discover a change in your foot condition then you have an immediate go to clinician. We would much rather see you for minor changes as this can prevent months of wound management and also loss of activity for you. We want to keep you on your feet and moving.

Prevention is peace of mind.