Flip Flop Facts

Summer is well and truly here and out come the ever faithful quick and easy flip flops.

But are they any good for our feet?

Here are a few facts and tips that may keep your feet more comfortable this summer.

Interesting Stats

  • The NHS spends almost £40million a year treating injuries caused by the casual flip flop.
  • More than 200,000 people visit their GP or even end up in hospital every year after suffering falls or developing long-term problems.
  • Flip-flops are one of the most popular shoes among women, with 15 million wearing them a day in summer, according to shoe firm MBT which obtained the figures.
  • One in five women own at least one pair.

So Why Are Flip Flops Potentially A Problem For Our Feet?

When wearing flip flops your walking alters for two main reasons. In order to keep the flip flop on the foot (rather than the other way around) your likely to scrunch your toes up. This causes overuse of the tendons and muscles within the foot which can lead to new strains within the arch or forefoot.

Also wearers generally will shorten their stride and roll the heel inwards which again strains the foot and cause heel pain (plantar fasciitis), shin splints or achilles tendinopathy.

Flip-flops change how you stand mechanically because you do not have the support from the sides or the thin soled base. Not only can you feet ache but her knees, hips and back.

Tips For Choosing And Wearing Flip Flops

  • Choose flip flops with a sturdy sole for increased cushioning. Shoes of any kind should not fold in half or sideways.
  • Look for flip flops with a built in arch support
  • Limit their use to around the house/garden. No long walks.
  • Wear sun cream!

If your having foot pains please call to discuss further and we can book an appointment to double check your foot function – 07549 559056