Winter Feet Guide

Well it is well and truly winter now and we have had some really cold spells which I know I have struggled with, especially my poor feet. Below I have outlined a few areas which may help you avoid chilblains and cold related foot conditions.

Did you know that more women than men have circulatory issues and are more likely to suffer from Raynaud’s disease – a condition where not enough blood gets to the fingers and toes, causing extreme pain?

What Can We Do To Avoid Those Dreaded Cold Feet?

1. Correct fitted shoes and socks. Makes sure they are not tight around your feet as this could restrict your already reduced blood supply further. Natural fibres eg. cotton socks and two pairs. Layer up!

2 Use cream/ointments containing lanolin. This helps lock in heat. Another added benefit is vitamin E.

3. Keep moving/exercise. Exercise helps to expand the capillaries and blood can reach your extremities with more ease.

4. Keep your feed DRY as well as warm. For those who have dogs to walk then wear waterproof boots and two pairs of cotton socks.

5. Constant warmth. Avoid heating your tootsies up too quickly as this will only cause further congestion in the capillaries. Keep warm all day and avoid warming up directly on hot water bottles and home fires.

6. Wear a hat! = constant warmth from top to toe

If you do notice any prolonged changes in the colour of your feet, sores or ulcers then please do call and arrange an appointment on 07549 559056