Rocker Shoes – Painful Stiff toes or Arthritic Feet

If you have painful toes/feet related to arthritic changes then you will know how hard it is to find shoes that are comfortable and even aid your walking.  We are not necessarily talking about orthopaedic shoes, we are able to offer you some information on trendy trainer style shoes which do not appear ‘different’.

Having arthritis in your big toe can cause it to become very stiff, and painful.  Certain shoes incorporate a rocker system into their structure that will help offload your joints.  This system will aid you in forward movement within the foot.


Rocker bottom shoes replace the flexion lost  at the metataral joint (knuckles of your feet).  For example someone with hallux rigidus/limitus (stiff toe/turf toe) may benefit from this addition as the shoe will flex for you rather than asking the foot to create this action which then results in pain.


Hoka trainers offer some great options.  They incorporate a meta rocker for forefoot conditions which have been proven to work effectively to offload the metatarsal heads.

META-ROCKER | HOKA® | United Kingdom (

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